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St Patrick's in San Francisco

20 March 2016

I’ve been really busy with working at Stanford, applying for jobs and other fun activities, so I’ve been falling a bit behind on the posts, but I’ll hopefully catch up soon.

Last weekend me and Vidar went to San Francisco again, this time catching a St Patrick’s parade (half a week before the official day). It was a nice parade walking through the city that ended up at the Civic Center, where some sort of small festival was held. We walked around, grabbed some chips and looked at the teenagers ready to party and the small booths selling Guinness and food.

We had looked up a few interesting places to check out close to the Civic Center beforehand. We started out with a small outlet called Cary Lane. They had a lot of nice stuff for good to great prices, but unfortunately mostly big sizes. We browsed around for a while and I ended up buying a t-shirt.

Next stop was a Isotope, the comic book lounge, a really cool comic store. I’ve really embraced my inner nerd here and gotten into comics a bit more than before. This place had a bigger focus on graphical novels and storytelling than just the usual superhero stuff, which I think is amazing. I bought a trade paperback of Watchmen and the first volume of Sandman, two classics. Vidar bought a new volume of the amazing Saga. It’s one of these comics I think lots of people who could never see themselves reading a comic at all, would probably like.

Anyway, after this it was time to go to lunch and we felt like it was time for another burger. The highest rated burger place in the nearby area has the amazing name Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers. The place had a cool atmosphere and the burgers were great. They had pork burgers, which was really interesting. I would still rate Super Duper Burgers higher, but not by very much.

After this we headed back to the station while the heavens opened. Luckily I packed my rain clothes, but it sure can rain here sometimes. Luckily this was one of the last rains from El Niño and now the weather is really amazing. Even better is that everything is green and beautiful now, which apparently is very different from last year’s drought.

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