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Campbell With Christina

6 April 2016

Last week my family visited and I took the week off. We had an amazing time and it was great to see everyone again finally. This of course means that I have about a million photos that I’ll hopefully have time to go through soon. I’ll post them here eventually, but it does take some time and this really should be lust driven I think. Before then I do have a couple of posts waiting in the pipeline; this being the first of them.

Some of you might notice that the pictures below look worse than usual, which is because I shot them with my iPhone. Sorry about that, but as you might have heard: “The best camera is the one you carry with you”. And the iPhone cameras are actually not too bad.

But enough with the disclaimers. A couple of weeks ago me and Vidar met Christina, who is a friend of a friend of Vidar’s. She hadn’t met us in person before, but still wanted to meet us and show some of her favorite places in Campbell. I’m just stunned by how open minded and welcoming people usually are here in the US. It makes my life here much easier and much more fun.

It was cool to see Campbell and I really feel like you get something extra when you walk around with a person who knows the area well, compared to walking around mindlessly or with a pocket guide. We walked through Campbell, visiting a small book shop and a café. We also visited a hill in a public park, where we had quite a lot of rain. We were all well prepared though, so it didn’t ruin our walk.

Before going back to Menlo we finished off with a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant together with Mike (a friend of Christina’s). It was great to meet another super nice person and the food was really good, actually the best Mexican food I’ve had in California thus far.

Lastly I really wanna send a big thank you to Christina for being so nice to us and for showing us Campbell.

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