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Update from the Baby Bubble

6 May 2019

It has been super nice to have the time to just stay at home and get to know Astrid. Also all of the visits from family and friends, just the best! On Wednesday I’m going back to work again, but before doing that I wanted to share some more photos.

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24 April 2019

The best thing that ever happened to me.

Honey I love you, like the summer falls and the winter crawls

You’re above and beyond me

Mando Diao - You Can’t Steal My Love

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New Years at Thellberg

1 January 2019

This year I spent new years with Mikaela, Frida and our host Malin at Thellberg™, located just outside of Rimforsa. We had an great evening . I acted camera guy and food assistant for our six?! course menu, which was probably the best new years menu I’ve ever had.

Oh and me and Mikaela are having a child in April this year, as you might be able to tell from the photos. So expect more of that here in the future. We’re so happy and exited <3

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Canon FD

10 September 2018

Now I have received two out of three vintage lenses I ordered from Japan and they are awesome! I played around with the Canon FD 50mm 1:1.4 and took some photos just around the apartment. You can get some pretty spectacular pictures with such a large aperture and I wanted to share just a couple of photos.

The final lens is already an interesting story, since postnord wants me to pay 14800kr in customs duty for a lens that cost me around 500kr (just a mistake of course, but a bit funny).

When it arrives I’ll have a great set of prime lenses to play around with.

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Mikaela 27

13 August 2018

It’s been a while now. Like always when I start a project, I’m super exited and have lots of ideas at the start. Then after a while I find some other thing that I put my time into.

But now I’m back with an update. This weekend I bought a new camera and borrowed some vintage lenses from Martin Hultgren, so I wanted to share some photos I (and William) took this weekend. Mikaela celebrated her 27:th birthday at our new place in Vallastaden (oops that link was already a bit dated) and we had our families over.

I took the opportunity to take some portrait photos and now I’m probably gonna have to buy some old lenses myself. I really like some of these photos!

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