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Rebusrallyt 2015

27 September 2015

I was not super active as a photographer during this years Rebusrally, but I wanted to share a few photos here. We had incredibly fun, even though we were close to useless when it came to solving the rebuses. This year we were “fildelande piratkopior”, something completely impossible to translate.

It was most likely my last rally (since I’m becoming so very old nowadays), which is kind of sad, since it’s always so much fun. Thanks to Andreas, Håkan, Mathias, “Ganne”, Rasmus, Linus, Carl and the eminent driver (and possibly captain) Ylva. This was not the year when we were winning (that was a reference Ylva), but I would guess that we laughed more than the winners, so in some sense perhaps we won after all. God that was cheesy, sorry about that. Hope you like the pictures, I sure laughed over some of them.

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