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Site Update 2.1

6 September 2015

I had a talk with Martin about my new site and he gave me some very good suggestions for improvements. He pointed out that it was not possible to see that you were on my page somewhere in the header, so perhaps there should be a logo or something for clarity. I really wanted to improve on these things so this whole sunday was eaten up by this project (sorry Mikaela).

It’s really fascinating how everything is more complicated then you first think, and I suspect I will never really understand css. Anyway, I fixed a very simple logo in the great photo editing program Pixelmator and revisited the design of the header, which is now separated from the images. I also found some cool hovering animations for underlining links and a way to transform the colour of svg-files.

This all lead to 2.1, or what I like to refer to as “Orange is the new Black”. Hope you like it, because these small changes sure took a lot of time.

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