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San Francisco With Family I

14 May 2016

The title of this post is not the best or the most creative in the history of mankind, but I hope it’s at least clear. We visited San Francisco several times while my family was visiting, so this post will cover the first visit. Alright, lets move on.

Luckily for us we had some pro San Francisco guides in Ulf, Henry and Xiaolin. We started off with a nice view of basically the whole of San Francisco. You could see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Golden Gate Park, my favorite weird radio antenna Sutro Tower and some other landmarks that I don’t know the names of or remember. Speaking of forgetting things, I don’t remember the name of the place with the view, but it was definitely worth the visit, and a good place to start with, since you can actually see most of the city right from that spot. You had to watch your hat though, since it was pretty windy.

From that point we went towards the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped at a park southwest of it, with a nice golf court and some beautiful recreation areas. The best thing was probably the fact that you could get some good angles on the bridge. Even if the Golden Gate Bridge is impressive up close, you’ll take the most beautiful pictures from a distance.

We saved the drive over the bridge for the trip to Napa Valley and instead visited the Palace of Fine Arts nearby. I had been there before with Vidar, but it’s one of those tourist attractions you can visit twice (or more). It’s a calm and quiet place with a beautiful temple. We actually saw several people getting married in very extravagant clothes. Me and Mikaela even saw a music group filming what I assume was to be a music video. I could not blame them for their choice of location, but maybe for their taste in music.

Then Ulf wanted to show us the famous Lombard Street, which meant that Mikaela got to practice her parking skills. She did fine, but I don’t envy people applying for a drivers license in San Francisco. The inclinations of some of the streets are just crazy.

After Lombard street we headed for Chinatown for some Dim Sum (Chinese tapas I guess) at a Chinese Restaurant. Chinatowns are always fascinating and San Francisco has the biggest one outside of Asia. From one street to another it’s almost as if you travel to another world. The food at the restaurant was really nice and I got to try a whole lot of new stuff, which is always fun and interesting.

Before heading back we visited Ghirardelli Square. Ghirardelli is a chocolate brand that you see all over the place around here and they had a shop with lots of chocolate (and even free samples when you entered). They also had a café where we had coffee and ice cream. Mikaela and I shared a piece of art that was probably the best ice cream bomb I’ve ever had, and I think the others were just as happy with their orders.

Like I pointed out at the beginning of this post, we will get back to San Francisco another time, but all in good time.

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