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Monster Jam and Baseball

21 February 2016

Another weekend with more typically American activities. This Saturday a couple of people from the Earth Science Department (where I work) went to see some Monster Trucks. It was like a childhood dream and actually I remembered the truck Grave Digger from the TV shows that I saw in Sweden a long time ago. We went to the Monster Jam in the most Californian way possible, in an electric car. We ate great food at a vegetarian restaurant, found a place to charge the car and then we took an uber taxi the last bit to the arena.

You could say that we started of as Silicon Valley hipsters, but then went straight for the loud, pubertal and perhaps a bit rural (I love how the commercials were all centered around different vehicles) aura of a Monster Jam. Speaking of loud, the first thing I reacted to was how incredibly loud the engines of the trucks were. It was really as much an audible experience as a visual one and together with the huge arena and all of the people, it felt pretty cool. I definitely enjoyed the show, which never felt too slow or boring. I would say it was right in the middle of being a sport and being a show and of course it was perfectly packaged for the younger audience. Even if I’m not really down with the chopper culture, it was loads of fun and I’m glad to have experienced it.

On Sunday me and Vidar watched a game of baseball on campus at the Sunken Diamond. It was a stunning day, which became painfully clear when I arrived home and realized that I had burned my right arm, the right side of my neck and the inside of my left thigh. Beach 2016 here I come! Unfortunately Stanford lost to California State, so we were not as lucky as with the basketball game last weekend. All in all, another great weekend!

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