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Superbowl & San Francisco

7 February 2016

Another weekend in the Bay Area and this Saturday we decided to revisit San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge. We brought the bicycles onto the Caltrain and cycled around the city, which was really nice. This weekend the huge football event Super Bowl is taking place right here in the Bay Area, so there were lots of things going around in San Francisco.

We cycled from the train station around the coast towards the Golden Gate Bridge, while passing hundreds of posters for the 50th anniversary of Super Bowl, small airplanes with posters in the air, devoted Christians presenting (or sometimes shouting) their love to god and his goodness for the people interested in the Super Bowl event. There were drunk and overweight Americans with football shirts, beggars, all kinds of street artists, lots of runners and cyclists going past the cars. All this was quite amazing to watch on this great, sunny day and I was entertained all of the way to the red bridge.

Before arriving at the Golden Gate Bridge we had lunch at Super Duper Burgers and we both agreed that it was really good. I would still rate Shake Shack from the New York area higher, but the burgers were perfectly grilled and the meat was fantastic. And of course we were so full that I wasn’t hungry for most of the rest of the day. After that we visited some stored but could only find womens clothes. Vidar bought a copy of the excellent book American Gods by Neil Gaiman and then we were on our way.

After that it was pretty much all the Golden Gate Bridge from a million angles, but I think I finally got a really good shot of it. We also crossed the bridge on bicycle, which I would recommend for anyone visiting San Francisco, because the view was magnificent. I would probably rate this as one of my best nature experiences (I’m not sure that’s an expression in English, but it is in Swedish so there you go).

After the bridge it was getting dark so we found a nerdy store where I bought Pride of Baghdad, a graphic novel I’ve had my eyes one for some time. After that we found a Thai restaurant where I had the classic Pad Thai. Vidar was more daring and took some kind of fish soup. After this we went straight towards the train station with all of the other people visiting San Francisco this crazy weekend. We barely managed to get on to the train and it felt so good to finally return home after a very long day.

Sunday was Super Bowl day and Brent was kind and invited me, Vidar and Ossian to his really nice place close to the Stanford University. Honestly I didn’t understand that much of the game (but I got the basic concept explained to me). That wasn’t too bad though, since there was so much else going on. I’d say that the event was in some ways more similar to Eurovision Song Contest than to say for example the world cup in Football (not American Football of course, the other one). It’s kind of telling that at least half of us were more exited for the commercials.

Super Bowl was a really nice final to a pretty amazing weekend. I’m getting used to California and feel more and more at home with every passing day. I have to say though, that I’ll probably never become a fan of football (the American one I mean).

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