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28 November 2015

Here is another post with concert photos; this time with Swedish popband Deportees. Me, Mikaela and Martin went to see them in Linköping at Klubb Din Mamma. The concert was (obviously) amazing, and I found myself completely immersed into the quite detailed landscape they are building on stage.

There is so much to love with Deportees, starting with Peder Stenberg and his sweeping and sticky melodies. He has one of these voices that you recognize from the very first second you hear it and never grow tired of. His voice is somehow both smooth and coarse and you never grow tired of it. And the melodies are just out of this world. I find myself humming on some of them from time to time and I have still not grown tired of a single one of them after hours and hours of listening (and singing). The lyrics are also really good and there is one line that keeps speaking to me at this moment

If you love me like I’m gone

I will love you like I’m not Deportees - Love Me Like I’m Gone

I just have to mention the drummer Thomas Hedlund as well. He has such intensity when playing and it’s truly a wonder to watch him live. I really think he is one of the more creative drummers I have ever heard and you just have to love the way he manages to include a cowbell and a really huge cymbal into his drumming. It was a shame that there was so much smoke on stage that I could not get a good picture of him.

Deportees also seem to love xylophones. That, together with (repetitive but still amazing) guitars and synthesizers drenched in delay and reverb give them a quite distinguished (while not completely unique) sound. It was a great concert, which ended with the members of Deportees selling t-shirts and records in person, which I found very sympathetic and intimate. They all seem so very down to earth, which makes them even easier to like. So if you never quite gave them time, perhaps you should do it right now.

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