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Master Thesis Work at Stanford

21 September 2015

I have some great news (which isn’t news for a lot of you). I will do my masters thesis work together with Vidar at Stanford University. I think I’ll write that again: I’m doing my master thesis work at Stanford. This is really cool and almost unbelievable. Together we will study numerical methods and models for induced earthquakes for professor Eric Dunham under the California sun. We will leave just a few days after new years and then come back and collect our degrees at Uppsala in June. I am really into the field of area we are going to study, and everyone we have met seem to be great and professional people.

This means almost half a year in the US and now half a year of preparations in the form of both course work and paperwork, the first kind of work being a whole lot more interesting than the other. In fact, I think I have never been so motivated for school, since I now have such a concrete goal to strive for.

Also, this is one of the major reasons for building this blog, since I now have a nice way of writing blog posts when I’m at Stanford. I will make sure to update with photos, information and other stuff as we work on the project and go for some adventures. And as you can see I’m already trying to get my English up to speeds. This is probably one of the most unexpected and amazing adventures in my life so far, and I just can’t wait to get started.

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