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5 September 2015

Hi there and welcome. One thing the old version of this site really lacked was a blog. I had been thinking about including one, but at that time I built this page using only html and css. Managing a blog like that was just way to much work. In my experience, often times you write like a maniac when you set up a new blog and then after some time it just sort of dies. Now, imagine how terrible it would be to run a blog if you had to link together the new pages with each new entry and even worse, writing the text within html-tags. I would not even have bothered to write a single post. And it really was a shame, because it sure would be nice to have your own blog, where you control everything yourself. You could have your own domain name and also be absolutely certain that no ads will be anywhere on the page. And also get away from these blog site templates that are great to get started with, but quickly become a real pain in the ass as you really try to get creative.

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Eventually I heard about Jekyll and decided to use it, since it basically solved every problem that I had. It took some time before I had time for a small programming project, but once I had I started working on adding the blog functionality to my old website, while still keeping the style and content that I had already written. I’ll write a post about how and why I used Jekyll very soon.

And right, welcome. Normally I guess you should present what your blog will be about rather then how you built it, but in some twisted sense perhaps that is all the introduction of me that you need (and being honest you all know me already)? Anyway, if I manage to keep the blog up and going (which I should, now that it looks so cool) I imagine I’ll add some photos every now and then, perhaps a review of something or just some thought or tip. There is an extra reason for doing this as you’ll find out soon if you follow this feed (see what I did there). And yes, I know that it’s a bit weird to write in English when you’re from Sweden, but I really wanted to try to go international here and you guys all know English anyway.

I tried to squeeze in everything that I think an awesome blog should have. You can comment on the posts (I use Disqus for that) if you go to their dedicated pages and there is even an rss-feed for you nerds out there who dig that.

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